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Glanzer Receives Kraken Unity Fund Award

Women's Pro Hockey Seattle's Youth Spokesperson, Maealie Glanzer, was honored by the Seattle Kraken for being a “Hero of the Deep” as part of the Unity Fund Award at the Saturday, November 19th game at Climate Pledge Arena.

The Kraken Unity Fund was created by the Seattle Kraken, One Roof Foundation, and Starbucks with funding from their ownership group, led by David Bonderman and Samantha Holloway. "The purpose of the Fund is to honor inspiring individuals who are doing outstanding work to transform lives, enable resiliency, and uplift and unite our community across the Pacific Northwest."

Mae was nominated for the award by several Seattle Kraken employees for her impact on the hockey community through the Women's Pro Hockey Seattle campaign, as a Seattle Sports Foundation Inspirational Youth award winner, and for helping to grow the game by inspiring others to pursue the game of ice hockey.

Mae was able to select a non-profit to receive $32,000 from the Unity Fund, and she selected the Black Girl Hockey Club -- an especially meaningful moment for Mae since she was a past recipient of a scholarship from the organization. The Black Girl Hockey Club have helped Mae feel seen in the hockey community as they advocate for more girls of color to try hockey and create avenues of success for them. Paying it forward to the organization was one of the highlights of the evening for Mae.

Maealie was honored at the Seattle Kraken game, received a personalized Kraken jersey, and was invited to sit with her family in the owner's suite. Also present in the suite was the USA Women's National Hockey Team who were being honored and would play a game against Team Canada the next day at Climate Pledge Arena. The USA Women's Hockey Team were all wonderful with their time, shared inspirational words and encouragement to Mae, and as her idols they each embodied what she hopes to achieve. Hilary Knight sat and chatted with Mae for some time, and she had each team member sign her replica USA Hockey jersey.

Katelyn Parker, a Seattle Kraken Community Iceplex player development coach, presented the Unity Fund award in the arena to Mae (see video below), which meant a lot to her since Katelyn is one of Mae's private coaches and mentors.

In Arena Presentation

-- Kraken Unity Award video provide by the Glanzer family

Kraken Unity Award Video

-- Video from the Seattle Kraken, One Roof Foundation

Photos from the Event

-- Photos from the Glanzer family


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