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The following is a 100+ year history of girl's and women's ice hockey in Seattle.

The page is a work-in-progress as we hope to capture 'the firsts' and other historical moments in the sport.

Please contact us if you have suggested updates and changes.


  • September -- first Seattle women’s ice hockey team

    • Team: Seattle Hockeyettes

    • The Vancouver News-Advertiser reported that wives of the Seattle Metropolitans had assembled a team who played exhibition games against other teams in Seattle.

  • March 10 -- first Seattle girl's ice hockey championship

    • Teams: Seattle Metettes and Glacier Girls

    • The "Mets" defeated the Glacier Girls 1-0

    • Over 400 fans in attendance​

    • The game was covered in the Seattle Sunday Times’ Society section with this text:

      • ‘The members of the “Junior Metettes” hockey team are the girls city champions. The decision was made on Saturday afternoon. March 10, when the “Junior Mets,” as they are called for short, defeated the “Glacier Girls” with a score of 1 to 0. In the most exciting game ever put on by the girls in this city. More than 400 spectators were present at the arena to witness the contest. Girls are not afraid of anything nowdays, it seems. They do practically all boy does in the way of sports; their endurance seems to be equal, if not greater, and with determination and enthusiasm, the boys will have to look to their laurels if they are to keep ahead.’ This generation of girls are physically stronger than the one preceding. Outdoor life, independence, with athletics, account for it. Who ever thought after witnessing a “really and truly” hockey game with the minor features of broken noses, limbs, and cracked heads that the young misses of this day and age would feel like “taking a hand” in the excitement. Yet that is what a number of girls in this city have been doing this winter-playing hockey, ice hockey, just like the boys and men.

Seattle Hockeyettes
Seattle Metettes Girls Hockey


  • First women's university team

    • Team: University of Washington women's team

    • Established: Unknown

    • The University of Washington's women's ice hockey team played a game in 1920 against the Vancouver Amazons during a Vancouver-Seattle Metropolitans PCHA game. Women's teams typically played during the first and second intermissions of the men’s PCHA games (10 minutes each), and then another 15 minutes after the game with seven skaters per side.

  • February -- first women’s international ice hockey tournament

    • Team: The Seattle Vamps

    • Roster: Miss Gravell, Miss Forang (goal), Miss French, Miss Ferris, Miss Pope, Myrie Kjome, Jerry Reed (captain), Miss Haddon, Florence Kjome

    • Frank Patrick, coach of the Seattle Metropolitans, announced a women's international championship series that would be played in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. "The women played during the first and second intermissions of the men’s games (10 minutes each), and then another 15 minutes after the game. As in the men's PCHA, games were played seven skaters a side."*

    • The three teams that competed were the Seattle Vamps, Vancouver Amazons, and Victoria Kewpies in a six-game series, two in each city to determine the champions.

    • The series event in 1921 was the first women’s tournament to feature more than two teams from at least two countries. It was called the International Ladies’ Hockey League.

    • On February 21, 1921, the Seattle Vamps competed against the Vancouver Amazons in Vancouver with the Amazon defeating the Vamps 5-0 score. The Amazons won the first game of the ILHL season, beating the Vamps 5-0. Goals came from Nan Griffith, who had a hat trick, and Kathleen Carson, who had the other two. Reports mentioned that in the third period Seattle’s Myrie Kjome “received a nasty blow on the head which nearly made her take the count.”*

    • Two days later, the Vamps played against a team from the University of British Columbia and won the game.

    • In both games, the Vancouver media referred to the Seattle team as the Seattle Sweeties.

    • The Amazons traveled to Seattle and defeated them again.

    • On March 2, 1921, the Vamps were defeated by the Kewpies 1-0 in Seattle.

    • In the rematch on March 12, the Vamps travelled to Victoria. The result was a 1-1 tie.

    • Vancouver won the series undefeated and in the first game of Feb 21, 1921: "Kathleen Carson had the most potent shot in the game. Nan Griffith scored seemingly at will, and goalie Amelia Voitkevic never allowed a goal."*

    • After the 1921 season, the Vamps and the Kewpies ceased operations.

Seattle Vamps


  • First modern-day women’s hockey team

    • Team Name:

    • Roster:

    • League: North King County Amateur Hockey League

    • The team was established at Highland Ice Arena in Seattle (now Shoreline, WA) 

    • The team play exhibition games against Canadian teams since they were not allowed to officially join their league as an American team. (1972 - 1978)



  • First player to play Canadian AAA women's hockey

    • Player: Cindy Daley

    • Cindy drove to Canada to play in the Women’s AAA league when she was 22 years old for the Newton Voyagers (farm team for Surrey) and then the for the Surrey Flyers that went to the National Championship

    • She would not be allowed to play in Canadian National Championship because she was American

    • 1983 - 1986

      Photo: Bottom row, 2nd from the right: Cindy Dayley


  • First modern-day women's hockey club

    • Name: Seattle Wings Women's Ice Hockey Club

    • Board:

    • The "Seattle Wings: was the first multi-team team club in modern-day

    • From 1988 and over the next 9 years the team included the Seattle Wings, for advanced players, and the Seattle Orcas, which was for beginners and intermediate players

    • The teams were not allowed in the Canadian leagues, however, they played exhibition games against the Canadians and traveled to play in women’s tournaments in Canada and the US, including several USA Hockey National Champions at the B-Level (Seattle Wings)

    • The Seattle Wings Women's Ice Hockey Club was able to host 7 consecutive hockey tournaments (1990 – 1997) until the club's name changed to the Evergreen Female Hockey Association for a short period, and then soon gave birth to the Seattle Women's Hockey Club (SWHC), which was established in 1997.



  • First modern-day girls' house team

    • Name: LadyHawks 12U

    • Association: Seattle Junior Hockey Association

    • Players:

    • Coaches:

    • The first girls' ice hockey team was formed by SJHA; a 12U team called the LadyHawks

    • The team competed in the PNAHA boy's B House division and went from last in 1993-1994 season to winning the state title in 1994-1995 season.

    • SJHA then formed another 12U girls' teams and two more at the 15U age bracket 

  • First girls’ 19UAAA team & Canadian Title Champions

    • Team: NW Admirals

    • Association: Seattle Junior Hockey Association

    • Roster (photo): Front Row (LtoR): Thao Phan, Annette Voracek, Christine Walby, Jennifer Walby, Bryanne Fitts, Nicole Anderson, Melissa Turner, Shawna Grant, Amanda Berthelson Back Row: (LtoR): Unkown goalie coach, Head Coach Cindy Dayley, Misty Froyen, Christina Pendrak, Regina Voracek, Captain Monell Schroeder, Captain Brooke Whitney, Captain Lauren Trottier, Mindy Alexander, Amy Arstad, Sarah Selke, Assistant Coach Michelle Willis, Assistant Coach Zoe Harris (missing: Asst Coach Nancy Lindahl)

    • Coaches: Cindy Dayley, Zoë Harris, Michelle Willis, and Nancy Lindahl

    • First US girls’ or women’s team to join the Canadian league - Lower Mainland Female Hockey League (1995-1996) and was the first US team to win the Canadian Lower Mainland Female Hockey League (now called PCAHA) Championship with a record of 19-0 (1996-1997).

    • The team went to national (notable CT Polar Bear and MN All-American tournaments) and international tournaments and competed for USA Hockey Districts.

    • First players from a girls’ team from WA State recruited to play NCAA D1 and D3 hockey; most notably Brooke Whitney who played for Northeastern and won the Patty Kazmaier Award for as the NCAA D1 Player of the Year (2002).

  • First girls’ 19U AAA team to go to USA Hockey Nationals

    • Team: NW Admirals

    • Association: Seattle Junior Hockey Association

    • Roster: Amy Arstad, Amanda Berthelson, Misty Froyen, Casey Maddox, Amand Osborn, Nicole Oshira, Krista Richards, Monell Schroeder, Sara Selke, Jordan Sharpe, Mica Shrep, Regina Sullivan, Amalea Tabert, Christine Walby, Jennifer Walby, Brook Whitney

    • Coaches: Head Coach Peter Oshana, Assistant Coach Shannon Bryant, Assistant Coach Jill Owen

    • On March 14, 1998 the NW Admirals defeated Anchorage, Alaska 4-2 in the Pacific District Championship for a birth at USA Hockey Nationals

  • NCAA D1 Player

    • Player: Lauren Trottier

    • Team: Dartmouth (1997 - 2000)


  • First women’s club in-house league in WA State

    • Club: Seattle Women’s Hockey Club

    • Board:

    • As of 2021 the club’s in-house league includes with 7+ teams, which include advanced, intermediate and beginner players mixed together for league play.

    • The players also group together by skill level and play in local and international tournaments.

  • First women’s inline hockey league in WA state

    • League: Seattle Women’s Inline Hockey League

    • Administrators: Cindy Dayley and Zoë Harris

    • League under the West Seattle Bridge consisting of 4 teams​​

  • First women’s inline hockey team and national champions in WA State

    • Team: Seattle / sponsored by K2

    • Coaches: Cindy Dayley and Zoë M. Harris

    • Roster:

    • Accolades:

      • Winners of the AIRS National Championship in Las Vegas, NV

      • National Championship MVP: Sarah Calabria


  • First girls' collegiately scouted summer/spring program & first college scouts to West Coast

    • Group: 49th Parallel Programs (1997 and 1998)

    • Roster (1998 photo): Jill Leonetti (Spokane, WA), Mireille Evans (Castlegar, BC), Brooke Whitney (Snohomish, WA), Amanda Osborne (Brier, WA), Serena Hillman (Delta, BC), Angela Kapus (Milwaukie, OR), Jaqueline Yip (Burnaby, BC), Mary Short (Castlegar, BC), Monell Schroeder (Redmond, WA), Louise Chim (Richmond, BC), Tara Campbell (Delta, BC), Elizabeth McFadden (Wenatchee, WA), Naime MacLean (Richmond, BC), Christina Pendrak (Lakewood, WA), Debbie Beaudoin (Surrey, BC), Delaney Collins (Blaine, WA), and Laura Knight (Cloverdale, BC) + Head Coach Cindy Dayley (Seattle, WA), Assistant Coach Zoe Harris (Seattle, WA), and Assistant Coach Alan Chim (Richmond, BC)

    • Founders/Coaches: Cindy Dayley, Zoe Harris, and Alan Chim of Vancouver

    • 1st girls' collegiately scouted summer/spring program on the northern West Coast

    • 49th Parallel Programs was created with the mission to bring together US & Canadian players for exposure to NCAA scouts for the first time through elite camps, clinics, teams, and spring/summer tournaments such as the Vancouver SuperSeries Tourney.

    • Within 2 spring/summer seasons, the 49th Parallel programs helped several players from the US and Canada get recruited by NCAA D1 teams, several with athletic scholarships.


  • First women to coach a men's US collegiate team

    • Coaches: Cindy Dayley and Zoe Harris

    • Team: University of Washington men's team (1999 - 2004)

    • Roster (1998 Roster): Bottom row (LtoR) Davied Moor-Reeploeg and Scott Southard; Middle Row (LtoR): Assistant Coach Zoe Harris, Brian Smith, Jim "Monty" Helfield, Clay Josephy (A), Sam Kim (C), Tillmann Wertz, Trevor Lunde; Top Row (LtoR):  Steve Hyun (A), Kris Ossenkop, Evan Sims, Marty Boyd, Mike Woods, Jason Adams, and Eli Troyke (A)

    • 6 Year Accolades:

      • 143-42-1 record in six years​

      • Hockey Hall of Fame – Toronto, Canada: coaching paraphernalia entered in the Hockey Hall of Fame for being the first women to coach a men’s collegiate ice hockey team; (1998)

      • Sports Dedicated Service Award – University of Washington (2004)

      • Coach of the Year – American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) – West Coast; University of Washington men’s ice hockey team; first woman to receive award (2002)

      • Coach of the Year – PAC8 Conference; University of Washington men’s ice hockey; first woman to receive award (in 2002 & 2004)

  • NCAA D1 Player

    • Player: Brooke Whitney

    • Team: Northeastern University (1999 - 2002)

    • Accolades:

      • 86 goals, 86 assists for 172 points in her 121 games

      • Second-team All-America selection (2000–01)

      • All-ECAC first team selection (2001–02)

      • ECAC All-Academic team (1998–1999)

      • ECAC All-Academic team (2001–2002)

      • ECAC Player of the Year (2002)

      • Everett Herald Woman of the Year in Sports Award (2002–2003)

      • Jeanne Rowlands Award, given to Northeastern's top senior scholar-athlete for the 2001-02 athletic season

      • Northeastern Hall of Fame

      • Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award (2002)

      • USCHO Player of the Week (Week of December 5, 2001)

SJHA LadyHawks 1995-sm.png



  • Founder of national collegiate women's hockey league (ACHA) - 2000

    • Person: Zoe Harris - Vice President

      • Cindy Dayley (co-VP), Erin Russ (Commissioner)

    • Association: American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) - Women's Division

    • Accolades:

      • Founded ACHA Women's Division as vice president and grew the division from 15 teams to 30 teams within 4 years (2000 - 2004)

      • ACHA Hall of Fame – Builder Award: awarded for developing the ACHA Women’s Division; was the first woman inducted into the ACHA Hall of Fame (2014)

      • Zoë M. Harris Award Player of the Year Award: awarded annually in Zoë’s name to the top player in each ACHA women’s division (2000–present)

  • First girls' hockey association in Washington State -- 2002

    • Association: Western Washington Female Hockey Association (WWFHA)​

    • Founding Board members:

    • Original Team Names: The Wild (19U) and The Pheonix (14U)

    • Branding change: Team names all became Washington Wild

  • First NCAA player to win the Patty Kazmaier Award from Washington State -- 2002

    • Player: Brooke Whitney

    • School: Northeastern University (1999 - 2002)

    • Accolades: Brooke had a point in at least 28 games during the season, and finished the season with 32 goals, and 56 points. While at Northeastern, she was also recognized academically when she was awarded the Jeanne L. Rowlands Top-Scholar Athlete Award.

  • First player on the US National Women's Hockey Team from WA State

    • Player: Brooke Whitney

    • Tournaments: Participated in the 2002 Four Nations Cup

    •  She was a member of the U.S. Women's National Team in 2004.

  • First player to play women's professional hockey

    • Player: Brooke Whitney

    • Team: Brampton Thunder (2002 - 2003 season)

    • League: National Women's Hockey League (NWHL)

  • First person to coach a women's NCAA team from WA State

    • Person: Brooke Whitney

    • Team: Univ. of Connecticut, Graduate Assistant (2004-2005)

    • Team: Boston College, Assistant Coach

  • First NCAA player to win NCAA National Championship from Washington State

    • Player: Kelly Stephens Tysland

    • School: University of Minnesota

    • NCAA Titles: 2004 and 2005​

  • First women's US National player to win a Silver Medal at the IIHF Women's World Championship from Washington State

    • Player: Kelly Stephens Tysland

    • Worlds Location: Canda

      • Silver Medal

  • First Women's US National player to win a Gold Medal at the IIHF Women's World Championship from Washington State

    • Player: Kelly Stephens Tysland

    • Worlds Location: Sweden

      • Gold Medal

  • First player to be on the US Women's Hockey Olympic team from WA State

    • Player: Kelly Stephens Tysland

    • Winter Olympics Location: Turin, Italy

      • Bronze Medal

kelly olympic pix.jpg
Kelly with Bronze.jpg


  • Player that won multiple NCAA National Championship title from Washington State

    • Player: Molly Doner

    • School: University of Wisconsin

      • Doner played for the University of Wisconsin (2012-2016) where the team was a 2-time WCHA league Champion, won the WCHA championship title twice, and made 3 NCAA Women’s Hockey Final Four appearances.

      • While at Wisconsin, Doner received the Badger Award for Most Inspiring Player, which goes to the player who inspires others through her commitment to hard work and unselfish play. She is also a 2-time recipient of the Impact Award, which is presented to the athlete who donates the most time to the community.​

      • Doner is a 4-time USA Hockey National Player Development Camp attendee.

  • Player that played women's professional hockey in the US

    • Player: Lexi Bender

    • Team: Boston Pride

    • League: National Women's Hockey League (NWHL)


  • First person to receive the American College Hockey Association (ACHA) Hall of Fame from WA State

    • Person: Zoe Harris

    • Award: ACHA Hall of Fame – Builder Award: awarded for developing the ACHA Women’s Division and coaching the men's University of Washington men's ACHA D2 team

    • Zoe was the first woman inducted into the ACHA Hall of Fame



  • First person to receive the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) Joe Burke Award from WA State

    • Person: Zoe Harris

    • Award: awarded annually to the person who has given outstanding contribution, support, and dedication to women's ice hockey.



  • September 2021 - Inaugural Season of the University of Washington Women's Hockey Club

    • Founded by Mia Filardi (President) and Fanny Metsa-Tokila (VP) - first board/leadership: October 2021

      • Alex Gardner - treasurer, Meera Hoar - safety officer, Delmaris Jones - RSO officer, Michaela Cote and Ariana Housaini - co-directors of social media

    • Coaches: Head Coach Melissa White, Assistant Coaches Matt Cleeton

    • Players:

    • First practice was 10/6/21 at Kraken Community Iceplex from 9:30-10:30pm

    • First scrimmage was 11/27/21 against Seattle Women's Hockey Club.

    • First goal was scored by Leah Johnson

    • First game against another college vs Western Washington University was also the first home game on 12/4/21 at 6:15pm

    • First travel game vs Montana State University in Bozeman, MT on February 5th, 2022 at 12pm. 


  • September 25, 2023 - First NHL Preseason Coach

    • Person: Jessica Campbell

      • The first woman to become a full-time coach in the American Hockey League for the Seattle Kraken's minor-league affiliate, the Coachella Valley Firebirds (July, 2022), served as a coach for the Seattle Kraken in a preseason game against the Calgary Flames at Climate Pledge Arena.

  • November 14, 2023 - First USA Hockey U18 Women's Hockey Scout

    • Person: Katelyn Parker

    • U18 USA Hockey team earned a Bronze Medal in the 2023 U18 Worlds - January 5, 2023

    • A native of Bellingham, WA, Katelyn is a Seattle Kraken development coach. She previously coached 3 seasons at the University of Connecticut and had 3 playoff appearances including the Hockey East finals and Semifinals the past two seasons. Prior to that she was an assistant at Brown University.

    • Katelyn played for Colgate where she was the team’s captain and played in 141 games over her career, the most in program history. Parker was a 4-time recipient of the Sportsmanship Award, given to person that represents the true meaning of “team”. Growing up, she played for the Whatcom Warriors, Washington Wild (WWFHA), and Team Pacific.

  • February 26, 2023 - First Girls' 16U AA Tier 2 team from WA to earn a bid to USA Hockey Nationals

    • Team: Sno-King Jr Thunderbirds

    • Pacific District Champions - San Jose, CA

    • Players: Lola Macuiba, Esme Lichong, Teagan Williamson, Grace Houlihan, Johnna Hornibrook, Kennedy Jensen, Christa Bashinski, Joely Connell, Sophie Costello-Krakowski, Marissa Schneider, Grace Kawalek, Chloe Pauls, Nadia Bellabarba, Ella Kowalczyk, Carlee Toews, Elise Walker, Lucy Holliday

    • Coaches: Carlee Toews, Doug Kirton, John Hornibrook, Andrew Macuiba

  • April 3, 2023 - First Girls' Team to win USA Hockey Nationals from Washington State

    • Team: Sno-King Jr Thunderbirds 16U Tier 2 - 1A

    • USA Hockey 16U AA Tier 2 - 1A Champions - Irving, CA

    • Players: Lola Macuiba, Esme Lichong, Teagan Williamson, Grace Houlihan, Johnna Hornibrook, Kennedy Jensen, Christa Bashinski, Joely Connell, Sophie Costello-Krakowski, Marissa Schneider, Grace Kawalek, Chloe Pauls, Nadia Bellabarba, Ella Kowalczyk, Carlee Toews, Elise Walker, Lucy Holliday

    • Coaches: Carlee, Toews, Doug Kirton, John Hornibrook, Andrew Macuiba

  • First Year for a Girls' Division in the Metropolitan Hockey League (MHL)

    • 1st 10U Champions: Jr. Kraken

    • 1st 12U Champions: Jr. Kraken
      • Photo: from left to right- Coach Lauren White, Eva O'Neill, Eloise Congdon, Ellie Dudek (back), Vivian Bryce (front), Sydney Dutzar (back), Avery Robinson (front), Mazzy Warner (back), Annika Erickson (front), Zarah Davis (back), Anja Lacava-Wiley (front), Coach Sean Robinson (back), Scarlett O'Brien (front), Etta Charles, and Dalila Kreptul (missing Juniper Larson and Coach Jay Dudek)


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