Women's Pro Hockey Seattle (WoProHoSeattle) is a not-for profit organization supporting the grassroots community movement to establish a women’s professional ice hockey team in Seattle. Through community engagement, special events, and marketing, WoProHoSeattle will rally the people of the Pacific Northwest around the common goal of making Seattle an undeniable location for a women's professional hockey team.

Women's Pro Hockey Seattle also intends to facilitate the ownership structure of a women’s professional hockey team in Seattle by connecting potential partners.


Unite and amplify the community’s energy for a women’s professional ice hockey team in Seattle

Guiding Principles

  1. Support the community

    • Foster grassroots efforts.

    • Connect segments of the movement.

    • Rally people around the common goal.

  2. Increase awareness of and enthusiasm for women’s hockey

    • Share the latest news and information—from the recreational to the professional levels, from around the world.

    • Build relationships with fans.

    • Welcome those new to the sport.