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2023 Women's Worlds Watch Party at the Rough & Tumble Pub

Rough and Tumble owner, Jen Barnes, joins campaign staff (LtoR): Alicia Crank, Zoe Harris, Jen Barnes, Kaitlan Vasquez
Women's Pro Hockey Seattle hockey fans watching the Women's Worlds at the Rough and Tumble Pub - Andy Glass Photography

Over 70 hockey fans and Women's Pro Hockey Seattle supporters gathered together at the Rough and Tumble Pub in Seattle on Sunday, April 16 to watch the 2023 IIHF Women's World Championship.

Fans cheered on Team USA and Team Canada in a battle for the World title, which was played in Brampton, Ontario. Team USA won the gold-medal by coming from behind in the third period, 2-3, to win the game 6-3 on the back of USA team captain, Hilary Knight, who netted a hat-trick and her record 100th career point!


(L to R): Nathalie Beaudoin, Erica Ayala, Rick Spooner, Zoe Harris, John Barr

The Women's Pro Hockey Seattle group was also thrilled to have several special guests at the event, including:


- Andy Glass Photography

The Rough and Tumble Pub – the second women’s sports bar in the world – played host to hockey players, teams, and fans who want women's pro hockey in Seattle! They treated the customers to creative drinks, fabulous food, and amazing service!


- Andy Glass Photography

A highlight of the evening were the door-prize gift bags before the game and during intermissions. A record 17 prize bags were overflowing with goodies, gift certificates, apparel, and swag from campaign's supporting organizations and handed out to the lucky winners!

Headlining the sponsors for the event was real estate agent for RE/MAX -- CC Crispeno of the Remington Crispeno Team, who provided three Women's Pro Hockey Seattle jerseys!


- Photographs by Andy Glass Photography

CC Crispeno, RE/MAX - real estate agent from the Remington Crispeno Team

Winners of the Women's Pro Hockey Seattle jerseys provide by CC Crispeno. (L to R): S. Wei, Samanatha Baldwin, and Rick Spooner

  • Carmen "CC" Crispeno has over 25 years of real estate experience, closing over 1400 transactions for his happy clients. He works with first, experienced home buyers and real estate investors. Carmen has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management. His education coupled with his years of experience helping his clients has earned him the spot as one of the top agents in the NW. CC is also an off-ice official for the NHL, primarily working Seattle Kraken games.

  • Prize: Three customized Women's Pro Hockey Seattle jerseys + campaign goodies

Sweat Deck - full body workout cards

Winners of the Sweat Deck gift package (L to R) Steph Hartford, Brad Trumbo, and Jen Maurer

  • Sweat Deck is a woman-owned business featuring "Home" and "Kids" edition of their card packs that offer a full-body workout programming for when you're at the gym or at home. Each deck contains 53 workouts, so you just pull a card and get to work! They also offer workout classes inside the Lululemon Store in the University Villiage

  • Prize: Three gift boxes that include the "Home" and "Kids" edition cards + other goodies

Experience Momentum - wellness, nutrition, physical therapy and fitness

Winner of the Experience Momentum gift package: Eliza Parsons

  • Experience Momentum is a woman-owned wellness, nutrition, physical therapy, and fitness business, which is owned by Women's Pro Hockey Seattle's spokesperson and US Hockey Olympian, Kelly Stephens Tysland. Her wellness company is located in Freemont, Lynnwood, and Mill Creek and they feature wellness services including physical therapy, dietician services, private and group fitness classes, and more!

  • Prize: The gift bag includes a month of fitness classes, branded swag, autograph card by Kelly + other Women's Pro Hockey Seattle goodies

Madison Packer - captain of the Metropolitan Rivers of the PHF

Winners of the Madison Packer autographed photographs. (L to R): L. Campbell, Natalie Griffin, and Emily Combs)

  • Madison Packer won the Isobel Cup with the Riveters in 2018, is the team’s all-time leading scorer and is a five-time PHF All-Star, serving as one of the teams’ captains in 2021.

  • Prizes: three prizes consisting of two photographs of Madison Packer + Women's Pro Hockey Seattle goodies

Hockey Art by Corwin - artist from Arson and Hockey from MA

Winner of the Goalie Pride art by Corwin: Kathleen Brown

  • Cowin is a Massachusetts based artist and occasional goalie, so their art tends to be around the things that they love, which currently is hockey. Outside of art they have been writing for "Inside the Rink" covering women's hockey.

  • Prize: Goalie Pride Poster, 1st of 10 printed + Women's Pro Hockey Seattle goodies

Glacial Cryotherapy - cryotherapy studio

Winner of Glacial Cryotherapy Gift Package: Kairi Froehlich

  • Glacial Cryotherapy is a women-owned business in Lake Forest Park, WA offering Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Compression and Light Therapy, and more!

  • Prize: A gift certificate for two for the services mentioned above + Women's Pro Hockey Seattle goodies

Play It Again Sports Lynnwood - new and uses sports equipment

Winner the Play It Again Sports - Lynnwood: Andrew Hawkins

  • A long-time supporter of hockey in the PNW, Play It Again Sports offers new and uses sports equipment.

  • Prize: A gift bag of t-shirts, pucks, hockey socks and shin-guard tape + Women's Pro Hockey Seattle goodies

Winner of the Canadian Consulate General gift package: Tobias Pool

  • The Consulate General of Canada in Seattle offer Canadians living in Seattle and the NW a ton of services from citizenship, notary, passport, voting, VISA, and more!

  • The acting Consul General, Nathalie Beaudoin, pulled the winning number!

  • Prize: A huge bag of Canadian goodies + Women's Pro Hockey Seattle items

Women's Pro Hockey Seattle

Winners of the Women's Pro Hockey Seattle gift bag (L to R): Rayne Sylvester, Caleb Hai, and Barbara Merk

  • Women's Pro Hockey Seattle is working to manifest a pro team in Seattle!

  • Prize: A gift bag with one of the last Women's Pro Hockey Seattle's pucks from the first batch of 25 - number and authenticated. Plus, Women's Pro Hockey Seattle push-pin and earrings designed in the campaign jersey's image.


A special thanks to ambassadors helping with the event:

  • Alicia Crank - Ambassador Chair & emcee

  • Alexis Haire - Ambassador, community outreach

  • Rachel Moody - Ambassador, special projects

  • Sarah Canavese - Ambassador, partnerships

  • Andy Glass – Photographer

  • Zoe Harris – Founder

More Photos from the Event by Andy Glass Photography

Photos by Andy Glass Photography


If you would like to help the campaign to build a fan base for a future women's pro team in Seattle, we need more ambassadors and volunteers. Learn more at:


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