Women's Pro Hockey Seattle Ambassador Lo
WoProHoSeattle Ambassador TShirt
Join the Movement -- Become a #WeRepWoProHoSeattle Ambassador!

Become a #WeRepWoProHoSeattle Ambassador and help bring a women’s pro hockey team to Seattle. As an ambassador you’ll help build support for the team and unite fans. You’ll also get access to special gear, only available to ambassadors as #WeRepWoProHoSeattle.


Goals of a WoProHoSeattle Ambassador

  • Build awareness, momentum, and excitement about the WoProHoSeattle campaign in the community and rally more supporters

How to be an Ambassador – 3 Easy Steps

  1. Email us via the link below and let us know you want to be an Ambassador so we can send you details

  2. Pledge to wear your #WeRepWoProHoSeattle Ambassador gear, talk about the campaign, and invite others to join the movement to bring a team to Seattle

  3. Send us photos of you wearing your ambassador apparel and/or post to social media

    • Tag @WoProHoSeattle and use the hash tags #WeRepWoProHoSeattle and #WoProHoSeattle



As an ambassador you’ll get

  • Access to special apparel, only available to #WeRepWoProHoSeattle ambassadors

  • Invites to events

  • Occasional freebies

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