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Welcome to Women's Pro Hockey Seattle

Hello sports fans!

Welcome to the launch of the Women's Pro Hockey Seattle campaign!

The Goal

Unite and amplify the community’s energy and desire for a women’s professional ice hockey team in Seattle.

Guiding Principles:

1. Support the community

  • Foster grassroots efforts.

  • Connect segments of the movement.

  • Rally people around the common goal.

2. Increase awareness of and enthusiasm for women’s hockey

  • Share the latest news and information—from the recreational to the professional levels, from around the world.

  • Build relationships with fans.

  • Welcome those new to the sport.

  • Grow the game.

Let’s get a team in Seattle and grow the game!

Get Started! Get Involved!

Show your support for the campaign in a few easy ways:

  1. Become a #WeRepWoProHoSeattle Ambassador - help spread the word about the campaign!

  2. Like, or even better Share the Women's Pro Hockey Seattle Facebook page - help us get the word out!

  3. Follow and Share @WoProHoSettle on Twitter and Instagram - sharing is caring!

  4. Purchase Women's Pro Hockey Seattle apparel or a jersey from the Store - wear your support for the campaign in public to help get the word out and show that you LOVE the idea! (100% of all proceeds go toward the marketing and promotions of the campaign)

  5. Sign up for the newsletter (only periodic mailings to update you with, we hope, exciting news; we won't spam you!) on the website.

  6. Let your friends know! Don’t keep it a secret! There is nothing better than sharing good news with friends via word-of-mouth!

  7. Donate to the Campaign - While we are not-for-profit (no tax deduction) all proceeds and donations go toward the marketing and promotions of the campaign - 100%.

  8. Volunteer! If you have passion and interest in helping the campaign, let us know! We always need champions in the community, folks with skills to help ( website experience, graphic design, photography, event management, and more!), or just people who want to take our campaign to the streets. Drop us a note to help!

Please contact us to learn more!

We look forward to working together to bring a women’s pro hockey to Seattle! Thank you!

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