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Will Seattle’s Next Pro Sports Team Be In... Women’s Hockey?

They might just beat the NBA to the punch. By Angela Cabotaje March 23, 2022

SEATTLE SPORTS FANS have been through it. We’ve had highs (the unleashing of the Kraken and, hey, Sue and Megan are both coming back). We’ve had lows (sob, fine be that way, Russ). We’ve had reason to despair and hope (please, Sonics, for the love of all that is good, come back).

Our fervor, and viability as a profitable market, hasn’t gone unrewarded. In recent years, Seattle has lured professional teams in all manner of sports—most recently in men’s hockey, but also cricket and rugby and women’s soccer (again). While whispers of a triumphant NBA return have percolated for years, our next sports franchise might actually be in women’s hockey.

“I think it’s realistic that within three to five years, with the interest in pro hockey on the West Coast, that could be feasible,” says Zoë Harris, founder of Women’s Pro Hockey Seattle, a not-for-profit organization campaigning to bring a women’s team here.

Harris modeled WoProHoSeattle, as it’s been dubbed, after the NHL to Seattle campaign spearheaded by John Barr, the hockey-fan-turned-advocate who many credit as the reason why we have the snazzy new Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Kraken at all. (Barr is now a WoProHo advisor.)



March 22, 2022


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