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For over 30 years Zoë Morgan Harris has worked to grow the sport of ice hockey in the United States as a player, coach, and administrator. Her accomplished career is evidence of her enthusiasm for and commitment to building new teams, associations, and leagues.

Zoë’s legacy is built around mentoring student-athletes. She believes that sports teach student-athletes skills beyond the game in the areas such as responsibility, work ethic, grit, integrity, courage, and teamwork, which helps develop young people into positive stewards in their communities.

A native of Barrington, Rhode Island, Zoë lives in Shoreline, Washington with her spouse.


Some of her achievements include

  • Western Washington Female Hockey Association: grew the girls’ hockey association by 133% over three years through program development, marketing, and promotions; Seattle, WA, 2009 – 2018

  • American College Hockey Association (ACHA) Women's Division: Founder and Vice President; established the first national women's non-varsity collegiate hockey league; 2000 – 2004

  • University of Washington Men’s Ice Hockey: as assistant coach and general manager, retooled the team on and off the ice; win-loss-tie record of 104-42-1; Seattle, WA, 1998 – 2004

  • Women’s Inline Hockey League: co-created, developed, and implemented the first women’s inline league in Seattle; grew the league by 300% in the first four months and established a national team; Seattle, WA, 1998

  • AIRS National Inline Hockey Champions: coached national champions for women’s inline hockey; Las Vegas, NV, 1998

  • 49th Parallel Programs: co-founded development camps, clinics, and teams to enhance elite-level girls’ skills; aided in the placement of players in NCAA programs; Pacific Northwest, United States and Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1996

  • NCAA Senior All-Star game: invited to the NCAA women’s hockey annual all-star event; Providence, RI,1992


A few of Zoë’s accolades include

  • Joe Burke Award (American Hockey Coaches Association): awarded annually to the person who has given outstanding contribution, support, and dedication to women's ice hockey; 2018

  • ACHA Hall of Fame – Builder Award (American College Hockey Association): awarded for developing the ACHA Women’s Division; was the first woman inducted into the ACHA Hall of Fame; 2014

  • Zoë M. Harris Award Player of the Year Award (American College Hockey Association): awarded annually in Zoë’s honor to the top player in each ACHA women’s division; 2000–present

  • Hockey Hall of Fame: coaching paraphernalia (alongside head coach, Cindy Dayley’s) resides with the Hockey Hall of Fame for being the first women to coach men’s collegiate ice hockey; 1999

  • Coach’s Award (University of Maine): awarded annually to a women’s ice hockey player for leadership on and off the ice; 1992

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