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Maealie Glanzer

Maealie Glanzer - Youth Spokesperson
Youth Spokesperson / Youth Ambassador Leader

Maealie 'Mae' Glanzer hails from Bellingham, Washington and plays for the SnoKing Amateur Hockey Association’s (SKAHA) Girls Select 14U and the Whatcom County Amateur Hockey Association’s (WCAHA) Warriors Co-Ed 14U teams. Mae is the first local recipient of a Black Girl Hockey Club scholarship.


As the Youth Spokesperson Mae will help rally the community around bringing a women’s pro team to Seattle by getting the word out about the campaign.


“I am excited for this opportunity with Women’s Pro Hockey Seattle so I can share my passion for the game and help grow the sport of ice hockey.” Mae said she is eager to get people excited about the women’s pro game in Seattle—"to watch the most exciting sport on earth and maybe even to try it!”

Mae went on to say, “I hope to help connect people who love the game as much as I do, introduce the game to other people, and get them excited about supporting a women’s pro team in Seattle. I also hope to be a role model for people of all ages, races, genders and abilities – and let them know that hockey is for everyone.”

Zoë Harris, founder of the Women’s Pro Hockey Seattle campaign says, “Maealie and her mother were some of the first people to get involved in the Ambassador Program in March of 2020. They have been supporters of the campaign from the start. I am impressed with Mae’s passion for the game and the short- and long-term goals she set for herself; thus, we re-connected and I asked her to serve as the campaign Youth Spokesperson and Youth Ambassador Leader.”

Mae, who currently helps coach two younger age-group co-rec teams, described in her scholarship application and essay, "I want to continue to get better every season. I want to represent the USA in the Olympics and I would then like to play for one of the six National Women's Hockey League teams. After that, I would love to become a coach. It's good to have goals."

When asked if there was a player that she would want to be on the first women’s pro hockey team in Seattle, Mae says, “I want to be a player on the women’s pro hockey team in Seattle! But before I become of age, I would want Sarah Nurse, Brianna Decker, and Kendall Coyne Schofield to be on the first team.”

Learn more about Mae in the Q&A section below.

Q&A with Mae

How did you start playing hockey?

I started playing at age 5 in a learn to play program in Bellingham.  When I was on the ice I never wanted to leave, I felt like I belonged.


What is it about hockey that you like?

I enjoy the connections made through playing hockey together.  I love the physicality of the game and the quickness.  The sounds of skate on the ice and the joy of scoring are some of my favorites.


Who are your favorite players and why?

  • All-time top choices:  Kendall Coyne-Schofield & Blake Bolden – trailblazers for women’s hockey

  • Women’s professional player:

    • PWHPA: Brianna Decker – her passion for the game, her skill set is superior, reliability

    • NWHL: Saroya Tinker – has vision for the female game and dependable

  • Olympic player: Sarah Nurse – opening the game up to more players of color, incredibly talented, beautiful skater, physical player

  • NHL: Ovechkin & TJ Oshie – exciting to watch play the game, leaders for their team, inspiring to watch


Who are your favorite teams and why?

  • Women’s professional team:

    • PWHPA: Minnesota – love the team and the chemistry they have

    • NWHL: the Boston Pride and the Toronto 6

  • NHL: the Kraken!!! – hometown fan


Who are your role models?

  • Tom Fields – He believed in me from day one as a coach.   He has invested me in as a player and a person to be the best that I can be.  He takes my dreams seriously and helps me achieve them.

  • Alana Collins – Pushes me on the ice to my potential.  She helps me set goals for the future and accomplish them.

  • Anne Marie Dion – Helps me put 110% on the ice every opportunity I skate.  She takes me beyond the limits I have set for myself and helps me push my boundaries. 

  • Blake Bolden – She inspires me.  She motivates me to put the work in off the ice to achieve the goals I have for myself.  Blake is a trailblazer and helps me see myself in the future of the game. 


What are your goals?
Short term I hope to do well in school.  I want to build up my strength to bring more power to my game.  I hope to improve my accuracy with my shot and grow my confidence.  I plan to work on my stick handling to improve my puck handling on the ice.  I am playing on two teams this upcoming season and want to be a leader for my teammates.  Team chemistry is very important to me and I want to develop good relationships with my teammates.

Long term I want to play college hockey and be a leader in women’s hockey development.  I dream of being a member of team USA in the Olympics.  In the future I want to be an NHL scout. 


What do you want to study in college?

I would like to study sports management so I can become an NHL scout.


Who are your favorite college teams and why?

Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio State because they are incredible teams to watch play the game.


How did it feel when you received the Black Hockey Girl Foundation scholarship?

I was excited to be recognized by the Foundation and elated.  I have worked hard at my craft for many years and was surprised to be recognized on this level at this age.  The scholarship has been an honor and opportunity to share my passion for the game with others. 


What would you name the women’s pro hockey Seattle team?
Seattle Siren

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